Taraqee Foundation Pakistan

About us

Taraqee Foundation was established as Community level Organization in 94 with meager financial and human resources to provide sanitation facilities to the inhabitants of Nawa Kili, Quetta.

It is now an eminent non-profit organization of Baluchistan with enough resources to provide need based service delivery to marginalized communities in eleven districts of Baluchistan ,three of Sindh and two of NWFP.
The core group programs, benchmarked as a need of any community are:

  • Social Mobilization

  • Primary health care in the form of basic health and education services for a safer and more durable life.

  • Community physical infrastructure for shelter and accessibility to basic facilities

  • Provision of formal Education specially focusing on female literacy.

  • Services provision and advocacy for eradication of worst forms of child labor.

  • Advocacy to create awareness for access to all rights in accordance the Constitution of Pakistan and with UN resolutions.

Taraqee's top management is comprised of a Board of Directors, Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive and a manager for each core program/section. The field staff is led by Regional Managers or Regional heads. Taraqee was registered with Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as a Company under the Company's Ordinance 1984 on 1st June 2003.
The voyage from Community level organization to a company under (SECP) and qualified for Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) Certification and membership with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is evidence of the organization's success and reveals its clarity and commitment to bring change in the life of the poor. This commitment comes from a strong management group with a proven ability to understand and respond to the problems of target communities.
In addition, Taraqee Foundation has concrete financial systems for accountability and transparency. In this regard, Taraqee Foundation possesses two types of auditing system which are as follows;

  • Internal Audit System

  • External Audit System

The former system monitors the intact systems of the organization through project audits and extensive field visits. The latter, is carried out annually through registered and certified by "Quality Certified Review (QCR)" (the details are given below) the firm occupy the 5th rank among 5 big firms. Moreover, Taraqee Foundation has its Gender strategy to reinforce all kinds' non-discrimination cross sectional in the organization. It also has an implemented Water sector strategy which is always considered significant while designing any program regarding environment and infrastructure.

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